Privacy policy

About us?

This is a page to serve and display build requests for the Billy O'Reilly channel, managed by Billy O'Reilly and AndreMor (for page maintenance)

What do we collect from you? (without interacting with the form)

When entering the website, we check via localStorage if you have already sent a build request to this page, if this is the case, we show the panel to modify your build request.

There is no data collection outside of those cases when you browse the website.

What do we collect from you? (build request sent)

When you submit your build request, we collect, for an indefinite time:

You declare that the email you submitted on the website is yours, and that we can send you messages regarding your build request

By verifying your email, you authorize us to identify your session through localStorage, so that you can edit your build request, and if you change your IP, to be able to collect it, for moderation purposes.

We will never make public the IP addresses with which you entered this website or your email.
We will make public the nickname you entered depending on the level of anonymity chosen.

What do we collect from you? (external)

External services, such as Cloudflare, may collect different data sent by your browser, for analytical purposes.